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Trying to conceive after being on the depo?

Hi all :)

Me and my partner are currently trying to conceive, I was on the depo for 3 years and have been off it now for 6 months. I have had 2 periods over the past few months, does this mean I should be able to conceive now that my periods have started or could previously having the depo still make it difficult? I have heard that some people havent been able to conceive for 2 years after coming off the depo. Anybody with experience of this that could give me some advice?

Thank you ☺


  • Hi I was on the depo for 6 months and came off it because me and my partner wanted to try for a baby it took me 1 year 10 months before I fell pregnant. I got told that the depo can stay in your system for up to a year once you stop it which can make it more difficult to conceive.

  • Hi Lucymae 

    Have you had any luck since posting? I was on depo for almost 4 years and had last one beg of Feb. My partner & I decided we'd try for a baby but haven't had a period yet and it's really frustrating. How long did it take you to get a period? Been taking seven seas trying for a baby for the past month hoping it would put me on track but no such luck.

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