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I have emdimitrosis and need help!!

hello everyone hope everyone is well I'm not at all I have a condition called emdimitrosis and I get pregnant but have misscarriages or sometimes have a hard time getting pregnant its becoming annoying because I don't know what to do the doc isn't helping much he wants to do Lupron injunctions which my insurance won't cover and I heard was no good or he wants to do a hysterectomy and I'm trying to conceive I just hand a misscarriage last week 3rd one in 2 years never had this problem with my first daughter which will be turning 8 soon someone please help I'm runnin out of options thanks


  • My cousin has endiometriosis and she told me she suffers with low progesterone, which is something that can cause miscarriages.  

  • Angie, hang in there, girl! I was diagnosed with endometriosis this past September after several years of TTC. The first doctor I had told me I had 2 options- #1, I could deal with the pain and let it go, or #2, I could have a hysterectomy -- not an option when TTC. I decided to get a second opinion and so glad I did! This newest doctor is very optimistic for my chances to conceive with endo. It's just going to require a lot of patience. 

    I would highly, HIGHLY suggest you get a second opinion, especially with you obviously not being comfortable with what you're being told. If you get a hysterectomy, there is no undoing it. :( 

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

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