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Introducing myself, I'm new!

Hi I'm Charlotte I'm 23 and my husband is 30, we have currently been ttc for 4 years had 2 miscarriages and are sick of waiting!! 😊 We went to the docs and got brushed away They said we was still young plenty of time ect which was awful to hear so we went back on a mission for answers and finally got some!  we have been accepted to be referred to the fertility clinic at the hospital. The husband has done a seamen analysis and we are waiting for the results which should be ready on thursday and we have an appointment with my doctor on Monday 22nd Feb to go through what happens next ( we are so excited to find out and get some progress)

i currently use the clear blue advanced fertility minitor which is how we became aware of me not ovulating ( only ovulated twice since we got the monitor which was in May 2015 )  

 does anyone know what will happen at my docs appointment on the 22nd and what will happen on my first visit to the fertility clinic at the hospital ??? 

im just so excited to get some progress !  xx


  • Hi Charlotte image

    I have not been to the fertility clinic myself but my sister has. When she went they did some more blood work and took hers and my brother in laws full history.

    Like you she doesn't ovulate every month but they tested this for themselves. You may be examined and sent for some scans. 

    I am sorry im not able help much but best of luck for monday and i am sure the doctor will explain things more fully and give you a more accurate explanation image 

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