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I have PCOS and trying to concieve

Hi me and my hubby has been trying to have another lil one and we been trying for 9-10 months now and no luck.. well the begining of this year I gave up and I still haven't had my period (tmi sorry) but the other day I have spotted only a few hours then next morning nothing and now I am feeling sick to my stomach and very tired.. I was wondering if any women with PCOS concieve a child without having a period for about 2 months and is it possible to ovalate before a period.. please help I wouldn't mind the BFP


  • hi fox, 

    Do you have just the syndrome or cysts on your ovaries too? 

    Tests have shown I have the syndrome but no cysts. I'm currently struggling with irregular periods though. Me and my Husband are trying for our first.  My Doctor wants me to be referred to the gynacology team but they dont want to take me because I haven't Been trying for a year.  

  • I just have syndrome cause I haven't had a cysts on my ovaries now when I had my second baby they thought there was a cyst on my ovary come to find out it was a tumor.. But have you heard of metformin my friend has been trying for years like you and her dr put her on provera to start her period and she had to take metformin everyday and it helped her.. maybe you can check in to that and I wish you luck hun ;)

  • Thank you, I've read good things about networking except the side effects 

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