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Pre fertility clinic test results, anyone else going through same?

Hi ladies. 

We are currently in the awaiting a Fertility appt in march after 3 mc. My tests ready for our appointment are showing pcos, thin lining and a progesterone of 0.4. I'm just wondering what the next stage is and if you have had similar results back? 



  • hi, had hormone tests by go too.  my hormone levels were consistent with pcos.  After that my gp sent me for a scan to check for cysts on my ovaries.  Luckily they didn't find any and all looked OK.  Doctor ordered a repeat blood test.  Then to check levels again. He's referred me to Gynacologist, Ive had a letter today too book an appointment 

  • Ah that's good they didn't fund any cysts. Hopefully they will be able to give treatment for you to sort your hormone levels. Hope your not waiting too long for an appointment. Mine was initially may but called every other day and managed to bring forward to march. All a big waiting game. X

  • They are only really doing this because I'm ttc, there has been suspicion of pcos for many years but because I didn't have cysts and wasn't ttc until now they didn't want to do anything.  We've been lucky, my doctor has been very good and quick at getting us referred.  

    For me at the moment my problem is irrregular periods  and not conceiving.  

    A common problem of pcos is increased risk Of MC.  

  • How long have you been TTC now? That's really good your gp is hurrying things along for you. 

    There are so many options out there to help with TTC with these different issues.

  • 6 months properly ttc

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