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HSG one blocked tube - what next?


I'm new - hi! My husband and I have been TTC for 2 years and we've done the first stages of fertility tests. He's 30 and he's fine, I'm 34 and I have PCOS and fibroids, I'm on 1500mg Metformin which has thankfully regulated my periods. 

I've lost 3 stone and finally been allowed a HSG which was today. The experience wasn't anywhere near as bad as you're led to believe and it only took 15 minutes.

The nurse said my left tube was fine, but they couldn't see the right one properly and think it's blocked. They're sending the images to be looked at properly and I have to call in 2 weeks. 

Has anyone else experienced a blocked tube? What do they do with it if it is blocked?



  • Hi I'm 30 this year I was told I had a blocked tube when I was 23. Tried ivf and didn't work for me not to say it wouldn't for you. How ever only this year did I find out that you can actually have it unblocked. So go to your gp and speak to them. That's my next step and was told they can lead me in the right direction. Things can go wrong with having the opp. But for me I see it as no loss only a possible gain. Iv tried for children for over 10 years and still nothing. Done Ivf and still nothing so the way I see it I'm not gunna be any worse off even if it didn't work. Hope you find your answers 😉 x

  • Hello

    thanks for your reply, I'm looking at the surgery now to unblock them, but I've heard that it can increase the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy like you said. I think that I'm going to go for it. 

    I hope that it works for you. Good luck! x

  • Just thought that I should update this, turns out my right tube wasn't blocked at all when they looked at the images more carefully!

    Had the HSG on 3rd March and now I'm 5 weeks pregnant!!! Cannot believe it! Good luck to all ttc, I really believe that the HSG helped me :) x

  • Did you fall pregmany on the same cycle as your hsg as I am going due to get one but dont know of I should take my clomid to o or not ? 

  • I wasn't on clomid, so I can't advise you on that. I had the HSG on the 3rd, ovulated on the 12th and got my BFP on the 25th! I'm now 31w+2d.

    Good luck!

  • Congrats to you 😄😄 I think I will just go for it and try on this cycle cause I don't want to waste a month 

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