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Pcos and ttc ovulation?

hi girls just wondering if anyone here with pcos using ovulation kits if so how do you keep track of them? X


  • I use ovulation tests - cheap strips off eBay but I've been struggling to get a peak line

  • hi thanks for your reply meme. How regular are you? and how long after af do you use the sticks x

  • since being off the contraceptive pill I have periods but my cycle varies.  i started with 2 x 28 day cycles followed by a 55 day with faint positive pregnancy tests.  Then a 35 day cycle, and a 47 day cycle.  I'm currently on cd20, should be the start of my fertile window.  Not getting positive /peak ovulation tests though.  

    I have an appointment booked for a gynaecologist referral in May 

  • I'm about of an addict to testing so I either pregnancy test or opk test most days.  I buy mine both off eBay it's about £4-5 for 50 tests.  But about a week after AF I start to test properly.  

  • Hey! I’ve been ttc for a few months now and have been tracking my ovulation using the strips! According to my app I’m 21 days past my last period ending and I should have ovulated on Tuesday just gone. I’ve been using the ovulation strips for the past two weeks and sticking them on a bit of paper to track! No sign of ovulation does this mean I’m not ovulating? The past few months I’ve had the thick clear discharge around ovulation time. Hoping some of you may have had a similar experience or can shed some light! 
    Thanks x
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