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Fertility problems

Hello all, I have been referred to the fertility clinic as i have been struggling to conceive for 2 years and have discovered I have a deflated/blocked tube(left side my right one is fine) I'm just wondering if anyone else has been through this and has managed to conceive? Thanks in advance, Amy 


  • Hi AmyLou

    I haven't had to be referred for fertility but I did loose my right Ovary and Fallopian tube due to a very large cyst. I just wanted to say I went on to have 3 children I was aged aged 26,30 & 34 and fell pg within 5-6 months with each! I was told my fertility would decline but I was fine:)

    It must be very hard for you waiting 2 years to fall pregnant. Have you tried opks/temping to help know when you are ovulating?! I'm guessing you've probably tried it all?!! Acupuncture is very effective for some ladies too:)

    Im under gynea at the moment as I would love a 4th baby but I miscarried at 5 months pg then 2 pregnancies at 5wks and again 3 wks ago at 3 months:/ 

    Pregnancy is a stressful and bumpy road but it's so very worth it in the long run:)

    I wish you every luck and I really hope you concieve very very soon


  • Hello thank you for replying. Im sorry for your losses I cant imagine how that must feel for you, but glad that having your ovary removed didn't hinder your chances.

    They told me I might have to have the tube removed for health reasons that could happen in later age. Your story gives me hope that I can still conceive it just seems like such a long road with no sign of ending, especially with all the prodding and poking.

    I tried everything and then stopped trying as I thought I was putting too much pressure on the situation but still had no hope so went to the dr and now with the fertility clinic. 

    Thank you for replying it's given me some hope back and I hope you get your 4th baby soon and wish you and your family good health xx 

  • Hi all, 

    After ttc for over a year I am attending a gynae appointment at the hospital tomorrow. I have been told my progesterone levels are low so it is likely I am not ovulating.

    Firstly, can anyone tell me what they are likely to do tomorrow as i literally have no idea what to expect?

    Also has anyine else been down a similar road and can share their experiences?

  • Hi All,

    I have been TTC for over 14 Months now. I’ve been referred to a fertility consultant after my first tests shows that I am not ovulating and have low egg reserve. I have a high BMI so the consultant wants me to loose weight before giving me any medication that may help me Conceive. 

    I had an internal scan on tuesday and I have one ovary smaller than the other and I have a small cyst. They all said that my tubes could be blocked. 

    I should be ovulating at the moment but using test strips and nothing. 

    It’s becoming really tough. 

    Has anyone been in the same situation?

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