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help. is this an evap or a faint line?

I am 5 days late so took a clearblue test yhis morning. I looker at it for ages after the initial 5 to 10 mins and yep, i see a line (cross). Please tell me if you can too or am i also jist imagining it ?could be an evap?imageimage


  • I can see two lines!!!!! I'd say positive 💗💙

  • Thankyou so much for replying. I have been wrecking my head all day about this.

  • I see it too

  • Hey, is this a faint pos or Evap line. I took it but quickly hid it as my partner was coming into the bathroom. So not a proper look. It was left for about 13 hours. But it doesn't seem to running dye imageimage

  • It's not strong enough to say for definite, I really hate those tests because they are so unclear to read.  To me it's unclear, I can see something but it's not strong enough to say for sure.  Best to try a pink dye test, I think the lines are clearer and less prone to evaps.  

  • Thank you!! Yeah that's what I was thinking.. I know I shouldn't look at it when I leave it.. but I have never had an evap line and it's not thinner than all the google reports that say it should be grey and thinner if it's a evaporation line. 

    I will take one today! Fingers crossed and baby dust to all 

  • Good luck 🤞

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