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hello, I'm 20 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS 2 months ago. It would be nice to hear from people with the same condition and to get advice about the diet and trying to conceive. How many of you conceived naturally without any help rom a doctor? The doctor didn't think I had it too bad and I have no excessive hair growth. But I do have irregular periods, cysts on my ovaries , higher testosterone levels, and slight acne but had this acne for years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)



  • You might find it will help your cycle to take Angus cactus or I have taken Cassanovum plus this month which contains Angus Cactus.  Obviously research them first 

  • I am ttc, no cysts but most of the symptoms including facial hair

  • Thank you for your reply. I don't have any facial hair. I just have the cysts, irregular periods, high testosterone levels , acne and something else showed up in my blood that also co firms PCOS . They are all the main symptoms of pcos I just don't have the only other symptom facial hair so I'm lucky really

  • Thank you :) I don't have any periods at moment so that may help 

  • Good luck 

  • Hello, I just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant I still can't believe it! I'm so happy :) Because I too have pcos and was told I would find it hard to conceive and honestly I think it's all to do with my diet I cut out gluten and dairy the beginning of this year I also cut out eating red meat 1 year ago. I just consume chicken, fish, eggs lots of fruit and veggies I have lots of fresh green juices and smoothies along with super chia seeds, hemp seeds,lots of healthy eating maca powder etc and honestly I think that's what helped me fall pregnant I also went from a 40 day cycle to a 29 day cycle in just a few months hope this helps and good luck X

  • I also forgot to mention that I switched to eating organic. Also my friend that has pcos too was trying for years to get pregnant she stopped smoking changed her diet started to eat organic and fel pregnant after yearsss Of trying! :)

  • Thank you for your reply :) it really will help

  • Since I first got my period I used to get it every month but when I got married in 2010 I weigh 220 and after 8 months I stopped getting my period I was over the moon thinking I was pregnant. It was emotionally draining taking negative test after negative test. After being married for eight months my period never came back. After 4 years of no period or pregnancy I finally did what I was avoiding all along I went to a fertility doctor. At this point I was already weighing 305. The fertility doctor told me he could not give me anything because I was overweight and it was unhealthy to become pregnant. He was concern about me not getting my period so he ran test a biopsy (so painful) and a ultrasound. I was than diagnose with PCOS at that moment I felt like my heart broken in a million pieces I went numb. The doctor did say weight loss increase fertility. I  decided to do a bypass surgery I went to the seminar I met with a doctor all I needed to do was run a couple test and set my surgery date. The more I learn the risk and the side effects I started to become scare. I was 22 and I can think was how unfair would it be if there was a complication and I would have to leave my husband without a wife and my parents without a daughter just because I couldn't stop eating. I cancelled the surgery and starting doing Zumba  and counting my calories  with an app called my fitness pal. My fertility doctor got me on birth control and after losing 60 pounds 8 months later I decided to get of birth control to see if my period came naturally. The following month I decided to take a pregnancy test just because I had no symptoms but I had one at home. To my surprise it was POSITIVE  I was speechless full of so much joy. After weight loss and so much prayer I had naturally become pregnant. My pregnancy wasn't easy but my miracle baby is here. My baby boy was born March 2016 . I promise God I would share my story because I know what it feels to feel hopeless and incomplete and I wanna give anyone I can hope. 

  • Hello

    I was diagnosed with PCOS quite late at 32. We were TTC for 2 years then got our BFP in March 2016.

    I started taking Metformin for the PCOS and that helped enormously with the weight gain and regulated my cycles which was a real bonus.

    I also joined Slimming World and replaced all pasta, rice and bread with wholemeal versions which makes the diet lower GI, which really helps with PCOS weight loss. I also replaced white potatoes with sweet potatoes. I lost 3 stone in about 5 months and we finally conceived naturally (apart from the Metformin). Metformin is not for the faint hearted though - it plays havoc with your tummy, but it's definitely worth it. 

    My friend was diagnosed with severe PCOS at 16 and was told she would never conceive without IVF, she lost some weight, now she has 3 children, none via IVF.

    It's more difficult with PCOS, but it is not by any means impossible - look at Victoria Beckham! Good luck x

  • I am 36 I have pco I was diagnosed with this when I was 19 my eldest is now 15 and my twins are almost 13 I did split with there dad and I have brought them up on my own with out his help i took climoaphine for this and I fell pregnant with them as I has a period every couple of months and now my persuade seem to be every 3/4 months so I got given norethisterone ive just recently started to see someone he wants a baby I'm not sure I want any more as I had a rough pregnancy with my last two and he has none but I'm kinda hoping taking these I won't fall pregnant as I have asked the doctors a number of times if they will sterilise me and they say no due to the fact is if you want another or have the coil fitted but I think why the coil when my periods ain't regular and I seem to have a low hornmoan level.... Can anyone give me an in site on this please as I try and make an excuse up to the person I'm seeing at the moment

  • Caymer - don't do it. 

    its an extremely cruel thing to do.  

    My exboyfriend didn't want more kids except when I was leaving him then he would say he did.  After 10 years he finally confessed he didn't and never would and I left.  It is emotionally and mentally shattering to have that desire for children and to have somebody being so deceitful and playing a game with something so important.  

    Its not a choice you should be making for another person

  • Hello. I am taking clomid at the moment. I only have a few symptoms such as no periods at all and slight weight gain. Does this mean mine is only mild? Thank you. Good luck :) 

  • not at all hopefulm, different people suffer different symptoms.  Do you definitely have pcos? Do you have a hormone imbalance too? 

  • I'm not making a choice for him but I had a rough time with the two pregnancy that I had as I had my first then twins both of them I had pre eclampsia one more danger than the other I have spoke to him and said if it's something he really wants then maybe he should find someone to give him that but he said no 

  • I'm not sure on that as I did not gain weight till I was pregnant on clomid and had periods every month with it till I fell pregnant then it stopped then 

    I wish you well with it 

  • I definitely have pco as I have several of them in my ovearies as mine ain't smooth they like an obstical course plus I have low hornmoan level as hornmoan level suppose to be 20% and above for women  before I fell pregnant with my first it was 6.4I got told this might correct it self but didn't it dropped again to 6.2 so I'm not sure if it's dropped once again but I called my doctors they said not to take the notherstarone as I spotted twice and to do a test but they come back saying not pregnant doctor said it might be start of period but but only showed sign on Sunday of a spot then again on wednessay a spot but nothing since..... 

  • Hello. When I went to the dr about two years ago they did a ultraspund and it showed pcos 

  • I've had an ultrasound when I was 19 and it showed then and I had another in 2013 as both I had internal and external scans and both times it's shown the cyst on my ovaries but when I have had the internal one I have been in pain after it for a few days as its been uncomfortable with them.... Where ovaries suppose to be smooth with no bumps mine ain't and never have been like that they always been bump and abnormal and I've had blood test to as both shown low hornmoan and cyst.... I have been asking to be sterilised but they won't do it 

  • hope they could use something like provera to start your periods, k would of thought they would of done this before Clomid but maybe there's no need.  I have pcos but I only have the syndrome no cysts

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