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freaking out over cerazette

hi all, I'm new to this but have been reading a lot of threads about people's experiences after taking cerazette but they seem to get lost in other conversations and I need some advice. Ive been taking cerazette for around 6 years as it was the only pill suitable for me due to migraines and extremity of my periods at the time. Since taking this pill I've never had a period just occasional spotting once every several months. I get married next September and we want to try for a baby soon after, I'm now starting to worry seeing some posts on here about whether I will still be able to conceive and what I should do, should I be starting to think about coming off the pill? What have other people done in this situation? I'm really starting to panic at the prospect that I may have caused long term damage. Any advice will be very much appreciated xxx


  • Hi Hayley, 

    try not to panic! I was on cerazette for around 3-4 years. I got married last october & went on my honeymoon straight after. I decided to stop cerazette while on honeymoon, it took a very long 10 weeks fI'll of worry & panic for AF to arrive Which was in January, I managed to get pregnant on my 2me cycle in February & am now 10 weeks pregnant! 

    10 weeks was long in comparison to others but then a few others may have been waiting slightly longer. They say it can take up to 6months to become regular again. If I was to do it all over again I probably would have stopped the pill a few months before I got married to give my body time to get back to normal and I probably wouldn't have worried as much how long it took as I wouldn't have been trying to conceive at that time! 

    Check out our thread about stopping cerazette, everyone is so lovely & helpful! 

  • I agree with Ely.  

     was taking Cerezette aswell for about 6 months.  Didn't have bleeding whilst on it after the first month of spotting, that is usual for this pill.  

    my first month off it I had very strong pregnancy symptoms and unpleasant side effects.  But had a period 28 days later then another 28 days after.  I have pcos and suffer with irregular periods now but always get one eventually.  I came off my pill and have been ttc since August but as I said I do have fertility issues.  

    I like Ely - knowing what I know know I would have stopped taking it sooner, but that is not the approach for everyone for me I'm in my 30s and time is not on my side with my fertility problems.  For me I wouldn't of mattered had I concieve early, but you do take the risk of your wedding dress not fitting etc if you happen to conceive straight away before wedding, and you take the risk of being pregnant over your honeymoon - some worry about travel whilst pregnant etc .  Or having a period whilst on Honeymoon.  

    you just need to weigh up how important early conception is to you

  • I'm the same iv only just come off cerazette but seen so much bad comments about how long it takes to come out of your system, and have a proper period!! I dnt know why I'm stressing coz iv o let been off it a week and half but I fell pregnant in 4days with my 1st so this is all new to me .... Hope it doesn't take me So long to get pregnant!! 😞😞😞

  • Hey mimi, yes there are lots of bad stories but there are lots of good ones too and I think its easy to find so many horror stories about coming off cerazette because people always post the bad stuff looking for advice. The people who have a good experience don't often write about it!

    I was on cerazette for 3.5 years, and stopped ovulating completely while on it. No periods for three years. I stopped taking it in April. First cycle was 43 days and had bad bad pregnancy like symptoms (watch out for this - i was so sure i would have bet money on it, but I wasn't pregnant. you will hear this alot)

    second cycle was 34 days, and last cycle was back to normal 30 days. So cycle back to normal now and really hoping for a BFP this cycle! 

  • There are definitely success stories.

    Personally, I took Cerazette following the birth of DD (as I was breastfeeding) and stopped when she was 15 months old to start TTC. I had a period after 4 weeks and was back to regular cycles straight away. It took 6 months to fall pregnant with DS (I had fallen straight away with DD). Good luck!

  • HI. Bit of a late reply to this feed but in case anyone else reads this I want to put my experience. 

    I was on cerazette for 2 years and came off a week after my wedding last September. My withdrawal arrives 9 weeks later then period 4 weeks. I've had 3 cycles and am now 4 weeks + 6 pregnant. 

    I completely freaked out that it was going to take forever to get pregnant. There is never much good news about cerazette on the internet. Remember that people don't very often create a conversation stating how amazing things are. 

    Just stay positive. It will happen when it's meant to. 

    Good luck all. X

  • Congratulations Gemcake.  

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