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Past STI, current fears, positive stories?

I'm here for some very cheeky reassurance that I am really hoping you can provide- it's cheeky because it centres around the very sensitive topic of sexual health history. 9 years ago when I was 20 I contracted Chlamydia. It was from an ex-boyfriend, but I'm not angry with him about it- in honesty I didn't ask him if he was healthy before I agreed to the condom coming off, so I really can't get mad. But I believe I had it for 8 months before it was tested for and treated. I had nasty UTI symptoms but nothing worse than that. I'm not sure if it developed into PID (Dr never even mentioned the possibility, I found out about it on my own), or his next girlfriend after me overlapped and my delayed symptoms were actually not 'delayed' so much as new! 

Now with new partner and starting our journey of TTC, but I'm understandably worried about the possibility of damage, and seriously fearing infertility. I'm distracted by this anxiety to the point of being a complete nightmare. I know there are tests and we can go down the IVF route- that's if my partner doesn't end up hating me for ruining his chances at fatherhood. He is a wonderful bloke and I think he would be kind, but would he resent me? I don't know... scary thoughts image

What I'm looking for is any moms of healthy babies who had chlamydia or PID- for any length of time, and any severity- to let me know that it's possible to get pregnant. The statistics are ok, the medical information isn't.  It tends to focus heavily on negatives so as to frighten people into protecting themselves more carefully. Not very helpful when it's already too late!

It's a selfish request, but I think it will do wonders for my PMA, especially as I will have to wait a full year of TTC before any doctor will entertain the topic! 


  • Hi 

    don't you just hate the word chlamydia it sounds like such a dirty thing when In fact you can have it without even knowing. I was seeing someone for a couple of months a few years back and I found out I was pregnant after we slept together just the once a month later during pregnancy he found out he had chlamydia and my midwife tested me and I had it to we don't no who gave it to who but if it was me that had it then I'd had it for months without knowing and it hadn't effected my chances of pregnancy obviously. I'm now married and have 5 weeks left until my second baby arrives. Although it can effect fertility it dosent always try not to stress about it as that can!!  

  • Also if you had got PID you would no about it my sister caught it not from a sti though from bv and she has spent time in hospital with the pain from having it x

  • Thanks Chamilto for the reassurance! I think most women when embarking on TTC feel nervous about the unknowns- I'm only fixated on this because it's something I know I definitely had... I could be worrying about this when there's no issues with me, and my partner could be low motility or something! 

    I wasn't diagnosed with PID, but my symptoms were like a really bad UTI- burning wee, and really painful back. I remember being in agony one night and thinking about going to A&E, but never got quite that far. Initially took antibiotics for UTI which cleared up issue. I was lucky to have already booked in for an STI test about a week later which revealed the Chlamydia (I think the name sounds too exotic and pretty to be something so insidious!). I never gave it a thought at the time- mainly because i'd never heard of PID- but part of me wonders if it had developed... like you say though, most women seem to have more extreme symptoms, like discharge (now surely, that has to be the worst word ever), and abdominal pain rather than back. 

    Really grateful for your response- and so happy to hear you have a healthy baby and one on the way! Best of luck for the next 5 weeks (and beyond, of course)! 

  • Tell me about this time round as we planned to get pregnant I was a nervous wreck about everything and everything does play on your mind. 

    It is possible it developed only im sure it would be diagnosed I don't think it would just come and go again the pain your probably felt was just the symptoms of the chlamydia I had had uti at the beginning of pregnancy so prob was the chlamydia also i didn't realise it was a symptom. 

    thankyou and good luck enjoy the process of ttc :) 

    one more word of advice wait to pee!! this time I was so excited I done a test 4 days before period was due and got 3 positive tests only to be greeted with a period 4 days later I had a chemical pregnancy I fell pregnant the following month but I will always advice people to save the heartache and test after your late if I had of done I could have saved myself all the upset. cx 

  • Bump

    Anymore stories out there? 

    Especially from mums who have had the dreaded PID? Or who had Chlamydia with symptoms...


    I think this is a reassuring report. After one episode of chlamydia your infertility potential is only 4% higher than someone who has never had it. 

    I'm talking to myself now. I'm losing the plot. 

  • Hi, I am 21 weeks and I know I have herpes. I contracted it from an ex with mouth ulcers. I have gotten used to it and rarely have a flare up but will be taking meds nearer due date to prevent anything happening. I recently had a test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea and Am now panicking that I have chlamydia. I have never had symptoms but in the last week I have pelvic aches. It seems to wear off while moving about, and is achey rather than painful. Is this chlamydia or PPGP? I can't stop googling and am stressing out but no other symptoms! Help! still waiting for results but could be over a week to go!

  • Google goggles are fatal! 

    Don't worry. If you have it (unlikely) you will be safely treated- no harm to baby.

    You at least now you can conceive and that's the main concern with women who have had chlamydia. 

    Not long until test results. Keep your head up! 

  • Bump for more reassurance needed even more so now after 10 months of unsuccessful trying. 

    I'm really struggling to stay positive.  

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