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Is it likely to have negative urine but positive blood test results?

I've heard it's common, however I'd like to hear people's personal stories regarding the Subject. Thanks!

Im two months late for a period (around the 9 week mark of not having a menstrual cycle).I have taken LOADS of HPT, but all have come back negative, except one with a very, very faint line. However, it was a blue dye test and supposedly they aren't to be trusted. Im going to go ahead and have blood work done, im just wondering if y'all think its necessary.


I look very bloated below my belly button. my veins are VERY crazy from my upper shoulders leading to my nipples. i usually never get sickness while riding in the car, however here lately, that isn't the case. I havent puked, I just feel genuine motion sickness here and there. And Ill get REALLY flushed in the face time to time.

Whether I believe I'm pregnant or not swings either way, I'm not quite sure, although as time passes, there seems to be no other explanation for this whole scenario.

I don't know. I'm just looking for other's KIND words of advice. Please and thank you! :)

image (Here's these crazy freakin' veins!)


  • Hia, I hope you.dont mind me commenting on an old post but I wondered the outcome with the blood work? I'm in a similar situation x

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