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Is this implantation bleeding or normal?

Hi guys!

Needing a bit of advice on implantation bleeding.

Me and my partner are trying for our first. A day after ovulation I noticed a bit of brown discharge continuing for what would now be its third day. I can go through the day and be nothing or very brown to a bright pink varying from min amount to a fair bit. My period isnt due for another week and a half! I do usually have very light brown discharge 2 days before my period but never this early. I also have very heavy breasts and what feels like period pains but again, this normally happens 2 days before period NOT nearly two weeks before. Any advice? thank you x


  • It might be too early but who knows! Take a test in a few days and let us know. 

    here is my story:

    hubby and I been trying to convince since July. my last period was oct 22 I have a very regular 34day cycle. On nov 12 is when I expected ovulation (I didn't test this month) but we had sex the whole week. On nov 18 when before I went to bed for the night there was brownish discharge when I wiped. this continues but now is sometimes  light pink. mot even enough to call a period. I've never had an early period or anything like this before. 

    well I've been so antsy and my period wasn't due until this Saturday nov 26. I took a test this morning and got a positive already! 

    So you might be pregnant. even with it being so soon. 

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