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I need help ladies !!

Hello ladies Im having such a scare

April 24-28 i had a normal period 

10 days later i spotted for 2 dayswhich is not normal for me 

May ididn't get a period on the 24 

Its now june 5 & ive been feeling nauseous,  only my nipples hurt, when i want to throw up its like a dry heev, sometimes its foamy in the back of my throat, i have trouble sleeping in some positions because it makes me feel nauseous.  Ive never had kids or a pregnancy scare. What do u ladies think? Whats your advice 


  • get a test u should get a positive test if ur pregnant sounds like mine and its my 3rd same times for af to so don't be shocked if you are

  • imageThats what my test looks like n i heard that it is possible for that to be a positive 

    Is that true 

  • I used the pink dye tests they seem to work better for me but I could hardly see my line when I took the test first time if ur unsure head to docs and say ur not sure can they test u to see if they get a clear result take that test as well sorry I'm not more help

  • So your saying that u couldn't see your line either ? What happened when you saw the dr?

  • I didn't go docs I waited about 4-5 days took another test and it was a definite positive i think sometimes we haven't produced enough of the hormones to show up a positive if we test early some get early positive others don't get them til later so its up to u if ur really worried pop in if u can wait take another but use first morning wee that usually does the trick hope ur not worrying to much and u get the answers soon

  • I took two tests and they both came out like the picture as shown. I have an appointment on the 13 to see but this morning i woke up and my chichis are killing me i just wanna yell at everyone lol!

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