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One step pregnancy test off ebay??

Hi all...for the last couple of weeks I've been having some pregnancy symptoms feeling tired, sore boobs, mild cramps nausea but put it down to my body still getting back to normal after my little girl she's 10 months haven't been right since. I am on the pill but will admit I forgot a few times to take them but took it the next day after I remembered and they were all at different times (silly I know) I took my last pill on Wednesday and I usually come on 3 days after so I'm due on tomorrow. But I took a one step test as I had some I bought off ebay aboutique a month ago...on all accounts it looked negative so put it in the bin after about 10 mins I looked again and there was a very thin other line that seemed to look pink to me but could only see it in certain light and at certain angles..I thought no it must be an evap line so again threw it. I did another this morning with FMU and I can see another very faint line I mean it looks like there's nothing there until again it's in light and andd at an angle. I've tried to take a pic but it's not picking it up its that faint. Are one step prone to evap lines? I'm going to give it a few days and see if AF turns up. But I'm just abit confused. 


  • yr yet to be late my cheap tests were so faint when o thought I was roughly due my period I waited another 4-5 days and there it was I also ave a ten month old and was on the pill forgot a few so thought I would wait until my may period showed to start again but I was already pregnant

  • Yeah I'm just going to see if I come on myself if not will do another. I have finished my pack of pills now so should come on hopefully lol I got a positive with a cheapie test when I was first pregnant with my little girl was 2 days late so will know soon enough x

  • I buy these, they are OK for a poas addict and to give an indication but if you get a hint of a line I would try something like a first response

  • Does this look like a positive it came up a very faint line not sure myself tho it was more clear in person image

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