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3rd Round of Clomid-Getting discouraged


This is my first post so i'm going to give a little bit of a background. My fiance and I have been trying to conceive for about a year and a half now. We decided to see a fertility specialist. He already has a son, so we knew it wasn't him that was causing the problem. I saw a specialist and she confirmed what I already knew, I have PCOS and was not ovulating on my own. 

Her first step was recommend me to a nutrition and told me that I should try losing weight in order to conceive because of the PCOS and making it much more difficult. I didn't see a nutritionist, but lost 10 pounds on my own. She said to try on my own and if we hadn't conceived in 3 months, to come back to her.

We took her advice, besides seeing the nutritionist and tried for a year (longer than she suggested) She said my glucose level was supposed to be around 20, mine was 25 which was much lower than it was before (65). So that came back great, but because it was still a little high, she put my on metformin and prescribed my first dose of clomid which was 50mg once a day for 5 days and ordered and HCG shot for me.

My first HCG ultrasound after the clomid, I still had my period so she suspected that it did not work. She sent me  for bloodwork to confirm, and and was correct so she upped the dose to (2) 50mgs of clomid a day for 5 days. 

My next HCG ultrasound was Monday and I had a new Dr. He told me that there was a small egg (about 10mm) but they needed it to be 18 to give me the HCG shot. So again, they upped my dose of clomid to (3) 50 mg of clomid a day for 5 days and I go back Monday at 9:15 to see if it make me ovulate.

Has anybody else had this much trouble with Clomid? He says not to get discouraged because he's confident that it will happen, but I can't help feeling like there's more I should be doing and I don't understand why I was given this body, if not to conceive. I cried leaving the doctors office and the entire way home.

Thank you for reading,

Any comments (positive or negative) would be appreciated. I don't want to be sugar coated, I want real stories from real people please. <3



  • I should add that I had to be taken off metformin because it brought my glocose level two low and I was having horrible side effects.

  • Hello there!

    I'm exactly on the same boat as you.

    I first started the 1st cycle with 50mg (didn't ovulated) then 100mg (with a small egg with 14cm that collapsed!) and now I'm waiting to start 150mg of Clomid next month to see how it goes.

    I do know how it feels but I guess we must think positive right! ;)

    I didn't take Metformin as I don't have problems with glucose. Doctor didn't prescribe me but I do have PCOS.

    I also wanted to hear any feedback from the ones that went through this and had a happy ending. Anyone?

    I wish you good luck!

  • I had another HCG ultrasound with no results. I had an 8mm egg but that's way too small. The doctor is testing my glucose level again and if it's normal, starting me on 200mg of clomid for 8 days. If that doesnt work, were switching medications. It's just so frustrating. 

  • So you've tried already 150mg and it didn't work? :(

    Where are you based? US?

    I'm in the UK and here they don't give this option of 200mg so I really hope the 150mg works for me.

    What other medications? Did they tell you exactly? I heard the injections are quite good for some people.

  • hi there im the same this will be my 3month on clomid my gp has just upped my dosage to 2x50ml as ive been trying for bwt 12years or more just cant seem to be ovulating 

  • as i dnt have periods every 28 days its hard for me to detect when i should be ovulating 

  • Do you girls also take Provera to start your period or you have one every month?

    I took Provera once and now it seems that my period is coming every month but not regularly ... each month a different cycle length.

    So confusing! ;)

  • I am from the US and 200mg is the highest we can go. Then if that doesn't work, we try femara. If that doesn't work, next step is fertility shots but I can't afford that. But if I could and they didn't work, it would be IVF. 

  • I do not take provera because I got my period but normally it's not regular. We've just been continuing clomid to try and get me to ovulate

  • Hi there,

    I'm also in the same boat I am on my 3rd round of clomid because I don't ovulate on my own, we have being ttc for 2 years but only found out January this year that my ovulation was low at 28.5, which has to be 30 or higher to conceive. My doctor has only giving a 6 month supply and he sounded very confident that I will fall pregnant. But this is my 3rd round and ill find out of I get AF or a BFP in 12 more days. But for some reason I'm not feeling very confidante at all, I feel as its never going to happen for me again.

    Good luck with it all and lots of baby dust to you :)

  • I am about to start clomid, well I hope. I have been referred and got an appointment in September. Feels like I am waiting forever for that date to come around.  Please keep this thread updated with your progress. Wish you ladies every success.

  • Hello there!

    My 3rd round of Clomid is now over and to be honest we don't think it's working unfortunately. 

    My follicle (have just one mature) is growing very slow and next week I have the last scan to see if it is still growing or what the next step will be.

    I have a feeling they will change me to FSH injections. Have any of you tried this already?

    It would be great to hear different experiences.

    Good luck!

  • Hi girls! I just thought I'll let you no there is hope:) i also have pcos and have fallen pregnant now nearly 3 months on my first round of clomid! I took it days 2-6 and when the nurses told me to not have sex i actually did have sex and got pregnant! They told me that month I didn't ovulate so went to start my next round of clomid but didn't have a period I then took a test and pregnant come up straight away! I no it was naughty of me not listening to the nurse when she said don't have it but I think I just new that was the month :) so I wish baby dust to you all!!!! I'm 22 I don't no how long I've had pcos for and I'm not that big either but I did find because I had irregular periods going to the gym helped a lot! Xx

  • Congratulations x 

  • Random question. I basically don't know when I ovulate it seems to change. How many times did you have sex. Twice/once a day, every other day? X x 

  • So I took my 6th round of Clomid at 200mg for 8 days. Went to get my ultrasound a week ago today. I had a 25mm follicle so they gave me my HCG trigger shot. Friday I went back in for my IUI and now we wait. Fingers crossed! 

  • Hi Tat2mepink. Good luck. I had my first round of clomid 50mg. I ovulated on monday im in 2ww as well. When u gonna test? 

  • I'm going to test next on Friday. 6 more days! 

  • Im planing to test next friday (if i can wait that long) i'll be 11dpo. Good luck. Sticky baby dust for both of us x

  • Thank you! Good luck to you as well!!

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