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TTC problems


just looking for a little bit of advice really! Have been TTC for 2 years now and no luck yet. Years ago I had PID and I know there is a small chance this can affect fertility. I have irregular periods and I'm not sure if any of this is preventing me from conceiving! I have bought some pregnacare before pregnancy tablets because I've read a lot of reviews saying this had helped a lot of people to conceive.

Hopefully someone can help me out! image


  • Hi, are you using any ovulation tests or charting your bbt?

  • No I'm not at the moment maybe I should try it. 

  • I would strongly recommend it. If you are having irregular periods it must be hard to know when you are fertile. The ovulation tests will give you advance notice of your body getting ready to ovulate and the charting of bbt will confirm if ovulation definately happened and you will know exactly where you are in your cycle. I started charting last month and found it very reassuring!

  • Hi I would go doctors tell them you have been trying  for 2 years  and have some test done 

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