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Brownish blood 10 prior to PMS

Hi ladies i need help- my PMS came on 25th of june and ended 2nd july- me and my partner are sexually active almost everyday- im guessing im due 25th july aswell. Last month i was 2days late- yesterday when i woke up i saw a small amount of pinkish brownish gewy like texture on my toilet paper as i wiped- i didnt think nothing of it- went to the toilet again last night and it was there again but this time it was enough for me to want to bin my thongs (sorry tmi) i thought it was my period so i wore sanitary towel- woke up this morning to nothing- not even a spec of blood- i have random slight cramps aswell but last for a minuet or two- i am trying to get pregnant but had no luck. im due on in 10days Now and have been looking everywhere for answers but cant find them- i dont want to get my hopes up And been wanting a baby for over a year now :/



  • Hi maryshannon, I have just come across your post. I am going through something very similar... My last period was on 25th june too and on the 13th I had some spotting (very light some red and some pinky). It only lasted a day.

    i am wondering if it is implantation bleeding. What do you think?

    do you have any pregnancy symptoms? 

  • Well im hoping its implantation bleeding- i asked my mum and she said no It cant be but Last night i had a real bad migrane but right now (06:17am) im fine. I feel more tired than usual thou. I got a good appetite at the moment i seem to be eating anything what smells good to me- mine only lasted a day aswell and i keep checking to see if i come on. Just discharge. Right now as i type im having a few cramps and its uncomfortable- i have abit of constipation aswell. I dont want to get my hopes up thou. 

    Iv never had bleeding 10days early - especially not so light and colourless which is why i do have some hope it is implantation bleeding. 

    i hope this helpes? X

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