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Trying to Conceive.


I am new to this chat room. i have a rare disease called PID (Pelvic inflammatory Disease). Me and mt partner have been trying to conceive for a long while now but it is just not happening for me. i have been to loads of different doctors appointments but they all give me the same feedback and tell me to come back in a few months. im not sure whether i am ovulating or we are not trying properly. i take folic acid and i use the clear blue ovulation kit but its just a no go for me. im only 22 so im still young, i just want a family so bad. has anybody got any advice? 


  • Hi loopyboopy, I would recommend taking your basal body temp and charting it, this will tell you if you are ovulating or not and if not you will be able to tell the doctors and then get the right treatment. Have you had any scans to see if there is any blockages to tubes etc from the PID?

  • Hello misskiwi. thank you for your reply. i am actually starting to take my temp lately. i have made an appointment for next week for another scan to see. the last time there was a lot of scare tissue which i can have removed, but because im still young they are not considering that yet. after this menstrual cycle they are going to help me more. i have made a chart of my cycles and my body temp. im hoping it is all clear on the scan. fingers crossed. 

  • Good luck hun, I've found temping to be VERY helpful, its given me clarity and info that I never would have known otherwise!

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