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TTC, Need help, any advice??


I had my rod taken out 3/4 weeks ago, had it in for 4 months, but before i had my rod in, i was on no Birth control for 8 months before the rod.

I still haven't had a period since getting it removed, Ive been having unprotected sex with the rod in and also when its been removed up to this point, everyday near enough.

I've been feeling bit different recently (this week), headaches here and there, felt little sick a few times, Ive had low abdomen twinges and cramping, I'm really tired also, eating more too, hot flushes during the day, I'm also bloated a lot. But haven't got sore boobs.

Taken a couple of home tests, all negative (maybe to soon)

am i pregnant? or what advice do i need?

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