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Getting off pill

i was taking birth control pill, I had messed up on the active pills which caused my period to come so when I did finally get to the inactive pills I did not recieve my period due to what I think was my body simply not having enough blood I later had sex unprotected on the last day of the inactive pills although he did pull out the next set of Pills I stopped halfway through and received my period a week later however it is extremely scanty and barely there. I am wondering if this means i could be pregnant from having sex on the last inactive pill or just a bad period from a result of going off the pill


  • Hello, not know much about this but if you have been taking different sets of pills and taking them and then stopping. Your body might not know whats happening and thats why yoh are prob bleeding them not bleeding. I dont think your body knows whatto do as you need to stick to one pill and regular until you wannt to stop it, id go to your gp for any further questions. 

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