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hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me raise my hopes and keep me positive!!!

me and my parter are desperately trying for a baby! i have pcos and struggling to concieve. I went to a private hospital and they gave me two months clomid and nothing happened at all. They kindly wrote to my doctor and pleaded that they refer me for IVF rather than charging Me loads of money to go private as i was entitled help on the nhs.

when this started they dont the same tests as the private hospital and again started me on clomid, i feel so negative about it as iv already tried it. I know you can take clomid for up to 6 months and we are yet to try this but i just need that positivity, i just dont want to get my hopes up and not be able to concieve as this would devistate me. 

Iv finished my first course of clomid and do the ovulation tests and they always come back negative which is another reason im so negative about this, as im not seeing  a change. 

I would love to hear about stories of how people kept positive and whether clomid worked for them and how long it took! Also if you have any other pointers that would be great! 

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