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progesterone and diagnosed with PCOS

Hello ladies,

I have a two year old little boy, he was born May 2014 and after my 6 week pp check up i was placed on the Skyla IUD and i had it in for a year. Then i gotten a real bad kidney infection from my IUD and later about two weeks it discharged from my body. after that i havent had a normal cycle. I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year after. Then about Aug. 12th I was put on Progesterone for 10 days and i just took my last pill two days ago and so far ive been spotting here and there but no period just yet, my boyfriend and i has been wanting another little one but no luck. i was told progesterone may be able to help with that. also i read other ladies stories. 

can anyone tell me if they had any similar stories or if they did conceive from progesterone???? please were desperate and wanna my my two year old son a big brother.. image

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