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Chemical Pregnancy?

Hello everyone!!! I hope that someone out there many have had a similar situation or suggestions on what the issue is. I have had what seems like 4 chemical pregnancies in the past year and a half, all of which the doctor's refuse to acknowledge. Each time I have symptoms of pregnancy up until week 4 or 5 when the bleeding starts. My breasts get swollen, constant headaches, and fatigue so bad that it is hard to get through the day without a nap, none of which are my normal PMS symptoms. The bleeding is also not like my normal period. I already have a heavy flow and very painful periods, but these range from extremely painful to very light. Each time I also have an excess amount of tissue and a small lump that comes out during the bleeding.When I go to the doctor they always do an utrasound and hormone test after the bleeding stops and nothing comes up, so they chalk it up to an irregular period. Am I going crazy or am I really having a chemical pregnancy?

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