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So I have known that I have had PCOS since I was 16 years old, I am now 26. I never really thought about the infertility issues until I got married this year and realized I might never get to have my own child.  PCOS makes me feel like I'm a failure and that I am not truly a female because I can't get pregnant. Today was a really bad day for me, because I found out my husband's cousin is pregnant with her second child, without even trying to get pregnant. She gave up her first child because she didn't want the baby. Every where I look I see women with newborns or they are pregnant. I get so mad at them, even though I know I should be happy about their good fortune. I know it's the hormones making me feel this way, but it still doesn't soften the blow. I have nobody to talk to about this, not even my husband. I know he would understand but he doesn't know what it feels like to know that I might never get to hold my child. He has 2 children from a previous relationship. I love both of them but sometimes it feels like I'm not part of the family. I cry when he isn't around so that he doesn't feel sorry for me or try to placate me. I don't want him to know how I feel like I am dragging him down by not being able to conceive. Does anyone else feel this way? 


  • I know how you feel. I'm in the same boat.  Just a lil  younger. My only dream is to be a mom. Even if it means I can only get pregnant once. I would do anything to be able to know how it feels to be pregnant. Feeling the baby kick and grow and all those amazing things. Then to hold him or her for the first time and many times after that. I'm here if you need someone to talk to. Feel free to private message me anytime!

  • Hi girls, sorry to hear you are both feeling a bit down and stressed. Has anyone ever told you that your pros is so bad that you will never conceive ? It may be stress and fear of not conceiving that is contributing to it not happening. I have pcos, a mild case but I have 2 beautiful children and I'm ttc my third. I also have friends with pcos worse than me who have their own children. So don't give up hope girls. what you need to do is chat with your doctor and try and get a reffural to a fertility specialist as there are a few drugs that can help with your situation. I know it's really tough but try to stay strong and proactive . Good luck girls xx

  • I have started taking medication to try to get me to ovulate but so far I haven't. Next week my doctor is going to try something different. I know that me stressing about it doesn't help but it's hard not to feel this way. Thank you for your support. Knowing there are people out there that are having similar problems as me helps me feel like I'm not alone.

  • I haven't gone to the Dr yet to try anything. We are wanting to try with out meds. But if it doesn't happen soon I'm going to see what can be done. It's very hard for us to get into the Drs when needed due to us being truck drivers. But I'm planning on going home soon so I have the time for the Drs and for my stress level to get decreased. I was told a few years ago I have 25%chance of conceiving. So I know the stress from wanting it so bad and may not be able to is making it worse. Good to know there's hope!! Good luck to tge both of you and hoping for a pos test from you both soon!!

  • I feel your pain. Me and hubby have been trying for 3 years now and his sister has just had her first baby. Very difficult time for us.

    I have severe PCOS and was hospitalised due to it last month and had to have emergency surgery. 

    But that being said I have been eating a healthy diet et. And for the last 3 months i've been ovulating which is a good sign, have my hospital referral to fertility unit in the hospital at the end of this month as my GP feels we need to take the next step now.

    Theres so much medical help you can get, try to start positive. I worry all the time that I won't be able to give my husband the child that we want but worrying only makes it worse x

  • Jaylee sorry to hear you have had such a rough time, just wanted to send u some luck xx

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    i have pcos too, and I completely understand what you're saying as I'm sure lots of others do too. Its a horrible thought at times and can be really really depressing. 

    I've had some bad down days (weeks) too where I've felt pretty worthless. It always makes me feel better to read success stories, it gives me that bit of hope that it will happen. Talking to  anyone that doesn't have pcos I find frustrating because normally they say something like 'well you can always adopt', which is a possibility at some point in my journey but not what I want to hear when I'm bawling my eyes out because my body wont allow me to do what I feel I should be able to do as a woman. 

    This is my second attempt to ttc, the first time I had lots of testing and eventually medication which didn't help me so i had a referral for IVF. It wasn't the right time for me to continue the process and I stopped before IVF. Im now in a different place after a few years and I'm now trying again 'unaided'! I don't want any medication because I hate the side effects. I'm giving a natural approach a shot before I go back to my specialist in the new year. They can't pinpoint the problem with me so I take that as a positive rather than negative.

    Ive ovulated on my own now which is massive for me! My cycles have been regular (except this month where I'm a few days late...I'm guessing it's my pcos playing up again but I won't test because I don't want to ruin the tiny bit of excitement I have just incase!)

    Anyway (sorry for my essay!)... youre not alone feeling how you are. you'll have bad days but you can get through them! 

    Good luck in your journey! & keep believing all of this your feeling now will be worth it in the end!! x  

  • i know how you girls feel i was diagnosed with pcos nearly two years ago and mypartner have been trying for a child for the last year and a half almost and sometimes i feel so down and depressed about it when i take another negative pregnancy test or when my period comes i should probably be grateful because some people with pcos dont get periods at all but somehow i dont feel that way and i carnt have that view on it. it makes me upset because i feel like im not a proper woman because i carnt concieve easily and i feel like im depriving my partner of his child that he really wants i just hope soon we are succesful in our efforts to become a family its the only thing i want more than anything in this world its nice to know that you girls are sharing the same as me i dont have any friends that have pcos so i feel alone and have no one to talk to about it some days it gets me so down its hard to focus on anything els especially wen all i can see around me is mums and babies and buggies and women with there little pregnancy bumps cooing over tiny baby clothes in the shopping centre gets me so down its just nice having someone to talk to about it sorry for the big moan girls but im just so glad i can share my dissapointment with someone who feels the same good luck to you all im praying for you all my love xxxx

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