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fertility test results help

Please could anybody who has any knowledge of fertility test results help me by advising on these 

tsh 3.48 free thyroxin hormone of 14.3 

prolactin 238 

testerone 1.9 slightly high, with irregular cycle pattern pcos is suspected 

dh sperm test - 5.6ml 

concentration of 27 million per ml

17% for progressive swimming sperm

24% for all swimming sperm 

3%  for ideal sperm shapes are mildly reduced.  Follow up test to be taken


  • All I can tell you is when I had my fertility checks first off they did blood tests to check thyroid, PCOS and a few other things.

    Turned out to be PCOS which explains higher than normal testosterone levels just like you have and my periods were totally erratic so it was suspected anyway.

    When hubby had sperm samples done they had to measure volume of how much was there, motility- how well they move and how quickly they move and whether his sperm were formed properly. He has 5% good swimmers which is normal according to GP. Ideally men should have anywhere between 5 - 95%

    You can always ring and ask your GP if you're unsure. Ours was all explained to us.

    Hope that helps a little x

  • Thank you Jaydee, I have a follow up appointment in November, I just wanted to do a little research first.  

    what treatment did they do for you? 

  • I am not an expert on the male side as my partner's results were poor so not sure on what is classed as ok, but it looks to e like perhaps they might prescribe something like clomid first. It depends, do you ovulate and have a natural cycle?

  • I'm not sure if I ovulate.  I've tried ovulation tests but they don't show a peak positive for me.  I have aches and mild pains on a certain side of my abdomen when I think I ovulate.  Although like this cycle I thought I ovulated but nothing has happened.  I'm currently on cd96 I occasion skip a period but this is my longest so far By a long way, the length always varies my last 2 cycles were 46 and 56 days long.  I have had shorter ones since coming off the pill.  

    Im going to be waiting a long time for Clomid if they prescribe it as they have told me I have to lose weight and get to a normal bmi - that's a long way from where I am 

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