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3rd miscarriage

I am 24years old, and currently experiencing my 3rd misscarriage. My first miscarriage happened at 10weeks, and then it took me 5 years to get pregnant again-which I miscarried at 5 weeks. A year later (today) I am almost 5 weeks and the bleeding and back cramps have begun. I went to the dr. Today to have my blood tested to make sure my hormone levels were rising; I have not yet received the results, but I doubt that there will be good news. In the past I've done the HSG test and my tubes were clear, I produce many eggs each month, my ovaries look great, and for that reason the doctor does not want to pescribe me any medication such as clomid, Progesteron, or fertility husband and I are really afraid of losing this pregnancy,  but I have no idea what to do at this point, any suggestions? 


  • Hi Nyisha - I know exactly what you're going through & it is heart breaking. Have you had any support or extra care with any of your pregnancies? I am currently going through my second & waiting to find if help is out there... It is whether we must bare a 3rd or more before professionals care.

  • HI Broken14, I had my 3rd miscarriage on September 26, so the doctors  are now looking into the miscarriages since I've reached my third one. They are testing the tissue of the embryo to check for chromosome abnormalities, and I will find out the results of that on the 18th of this month. If everything looks okay with the chromosome normalities then the doctors will begin different test on me to find the core of the issues, nevertheless they have reminded me several times that often times they are unable to determine an issue, and some miscarriages are just spontaneous. 

  • Hi Nyisha,

    So sorry for what you're going through, again. Thankfully they are now doing tests for you. Might be a shot in the dark but have you had any blood tests looking into miscarriage? I.e, antibodies?

    I don't like to google symptons and would never usually on any health symptoms - but when you're left to suffer a third miscarriage before being tested I thought doing some research could help.

    Apparently I have slightly low platelet count from a previous blood tests - it may not be at all related, however can't hurt to ask a doctor?! If it rules things out then great!

    If you haven't already it may be worth also asking for further blood tests for things such as APS 'Hughes syndrome' - related to recurrent miscarriages and perhaps worth ruling out if nothing else!

    Wishing you all the luck. 

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