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PCOS, 12 days late, negative hpt

Hi there,

ive been reading a lot of the threads on here but as we're all unique there's nothing that fits perfectly to my own circumstances so I thought I'd ask...

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2011, have been on a mini pill since then so no real periods until I stopped taking it end December 2015. My husband is in the Navy and deployed 2nd Jan 2016 so figured I would give my body time to get rid of the pill and we could ttc when he got home early August. 

Since coming off the pill my cycles have been way more regular than they were before I was diagnosed. Averaging between 28 and 32 days (although my first one took 42 days to come when I came off the pill). My last period was on 30/07/16 so I was thinking I would be due on between the 26th and 30th August but still nothing yet. So I could be as much as 12 days late but at least a week late. I took a home pregnancy test on 5/9/16 and it was clearly negative. My doctors have suggested because we have only technically being trying to conceive since my husband came home from service on 5th August that it is too soon and won't give me a blood test. I have been experiencing nausea daily and dizziness sporadically, I'm tired and far less hungry than normal and I had hoped that by some miracle I had been blessed to fall pregnant that easily and that quickly but now I don't know what to do? When do I take another test? it seems a cruel coinsidence that I've been so much more regular and had a period every month while my husband was away for this to just be a case of not having ovulated? Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer.x 


  • Hello,

    i have pcos too, i came off the pill and my cycles took a few months to get into order but since the spring they've been very regular.

    im 110% sure I've had ovualtion pains the last three months (it's exactly the same feeling as I had when on chlomid years ago) 

    This month I'm 2 days late...I'm hoping there's a chance I have managed to do it this month but I'm pretty sure it'll just be my pcos playing up, I think it likes to do it every now and then *rolls eyes* 

    i know how annoying it is especially when everything's been going fine up until this point!! I don't want to test because I'm pretty sure il find out its negative and I'm liking the feeling that there's a chance at the moment!

    i honestly don't know what I'd do in your situation, maybe try testing again just incase your hcg levels weren't high enough on the 5th? Maybe you ovulated late on in your cycle? 

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