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Faint Positive then a negative?

Hey, wondered if someone could help!? 

I took a test (eBay cheapy) and it read *faint* Positive :D and couldn't believe my eyes! As i'd ran out, to be sure I went and brought a CB non digital. Took it about an hour later and got a BFN :(

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm gutted and not sure which to believe! Please Help!


  • its takes longer to show up on a digital and did you use your morning wee as this could be a factor too 

  • It's probably because your ur was to diluted in the early stages of pg you need to let the hormone build up in the wee hense why most people say to use first morning urine as it is the strongest of the day unless you have been up and down to the loo all night. Best bet is to try again tomorrow with first wee. Good luck x

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