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I was told I was pregnant

So ladies I need some advice, I went to the doctor in pain and bleeding thinking I just had a kidney infection it felt like a period nothing I couldn't handle only hurt for a day that's all, or I should say just about 20 'minutes and I was fine next day woke up and was bleeding just a little bit so I went to the hospital he said I got a positive urine test butttttt when I went to get a internal ultra sound they didn't see anything but she said I may be to early to be able to see anything, I stopped bleeding, today is two days after I had went to hospital still bleeding but only to where I need a panty liner, I took a test it said positive again, he said he thinks I had a miscarriage because my HCG level was only 131 and to go back in 3-4 days to get it checked again, well while he was looked at my ovaries and everything he had said my cysts were gone, I knew I had cysts before.

maybe I could be my cysts just ruptured? 

I need answers, I'm scared and I just want to know if everything is okay, oh and may I add I have had all my period on time... 

anyone else get this and could give me advice I'm just worried about me bleeding And if I really had a miscarriage?. 

Help please 


  • Hi ekersh I had bleeding in my first pregnancy and everything was absolutely fine, I did have a big cyst at the time so I don't know if that contributed to it. I have also had 3 mcs but early on. Do you know how far along you should be ? When will your next lot of bloods be ? Unfortunately sometimes that's the only way to truly find out what's going on x

  • Well I had had my period on right time, that's why I'm confused I started my period the 28th it lasted bout 4 days which was weird I usually last around 7, then I started hurting one day then I have been bleeding since, he really scared me. 

    I used have cysts and I thought I still did but then when they were checking everything the day I found out I was pregnant they were gone so I was thinking it had something to do with that? I just really want everything to be alright because I don't know what to look for its my first pregnancy 

  • Bleeding in pregnancy is quite common if it's not heavy, clotted and painful. Unfortunately the blood tests are really the only way to find out if things are progressing well or if you are having a mc. I'm so sorry I wish I could be of more help x

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