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Could I be pregnant??

I was diagnoised with PCOS age 14, due to excess hair growth although I had regular periods. Had the pill then implant for last 4 years and had very few periods on implant.

Stopped the mini pill in June 7th 2016. Had 2 bleeds last bleed was 14 days long ending on 1/9/16. I ovulated 7 days ago my expected period Is 3 days late. I'm cramping and there is slight pink blood when I wipe not on a pad

Took a test see pic took it apart to get a closer look... I'm so confused image


  • It looks positive to me but then again the line is a little further away then usuall! Make a doctors app good luck i hope it is a positive 

  • If you ovulated 7 days ago it wouldn't come up on pregnancy test you maybe having implantion bleeding I would test again in a weeks time if your period hasn't arrive. Good luck I hope you have a sticky bean x 

  • imageI hope this will help you 

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