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PCOS and trying to become a mummy

hello ladies my name is gabby im 21 years old and i was diagnosed almost 2 years ago with polocystic ovaries syndrome i was so upset when i learned that this could mean that getting pregnant would be a long hard and sometimes unsucesful battle. me and my fiancee have been tring to get pregnant for nearly a year and 9 months now and so far no luck i got pregnant in the first few months of our relationship but we had a miscarriage and was so heartbroken i was sure that we wouldnt be able to carry full term on my next pregnancy as i have miscarried 5 times so far i know gutting right? i just hope that it will happen soon and that i can carry to full term i was wondering is there anyone els on this group that has a sucessful story on getting pregnant with pcso and if they have any tips for me on how to get pregnant without having to go onto medical fertility drugs i want that to be a last resort really as it would be nice to now that we did this on our own without any medical help :) maybe then i wouldnt feel as much the failure as i do now for not been a real woman and getting pregnant naturally what most women take for granted has now become a hardship to those who suffer with the same hand i was dealt just be nice to have a few friendly sufferers i can talk to and share our progress together as i dont have many friends and those friends i have got none have got pcos so dont understand the burden i have hanging over me day and night please help all my love gabby xxxxx


  • Hi, 

    I have PCOS.

    I concieved my little boy naturally after 2 late miscarriages, I think if you have had no problem conceiving babies but struggle to mauntain the pregnancy then I would ask to be seen in the multiple misscarriage clinic. Its not a failure to need some help! 

    We had to have progesterone pessaries and weekly swabs to help us have our little boy and I would do it again in a heartbeat ro carry another baby.

    Please dont rule out having some medical assistance to help you.

  • Hello,

    That was really sad to read :-( I have Pcos and was diagnosed when I was like 16 years old, I am now 32 and I am now 21 weeks pregnant -which came as a complete surprise to me. I never thought I'd ever conceive naturally and still have no idea how it happened. Now I am in a predicament that my partner is not ready for a child and I think I will have to potentially be a single mother - which is completely heart breaking! 

    Anyways, don't let Pcos get you down, it can happen and it will happen. If you need a little help -there is no shame in it. That's what it has been created for. 


  • Hi , im also pcos nd so worry i really want kid im 31 years.i got gp oppointment in this week .i m praying soon i get my healty baby menses r long some time 45 to 55.

  • Hi ladies,

    I have Pcos too. Im 30 and I have a 5 year old who was a surprise! I was diagnosed with pcos just over a year ago after no luck with ttc & suffering the usual symptoms. 

    I have been on metformin since July last year and I do feel my periods are closer together than before..still not a regular 28 day cycle though. I won't receive any other help until I get my BMI down to 30 so I have been trying to focus more on that. 

    I am getting so impatient! I am desperate for another child and I feel frustrated some days that it just isn't happening. I'm currently on cd 36. I started using a saliva ovulation testing kit this month and it indicated I may have ovulated on the 11th or thereabouts but who knows how accurate that is?! 

    Boobs are veeery sore, feel tired, nauseaous, bloated but 3 negative tests so far. 

    Trying not to be consumed by it all but it's so hard! I haven't been sleeping well because there's so many thoughts running through my head at night! 

    Anyway, sorry for the life story! 

    Baby dust to all xx

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