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3 previous miscarriages, under active tyroid, now trying to concieve

Hi all,

i got my first pregnancy at 18 which i carried for 8-10 weeks and then started bleeding was rushed to hospital had a emergency scan and it was confirmed that i was miscarrying the doctor told me that it happens and i was just unlucky. i then got pregnant at 20 and carried that pregnancy to 6-8 weeks then started bleeding again went to the hospital and was told again that i was loosing the baby the doctor told me that 1 in 3 pregnancy's end in miscarriage and i would have to have 3 consecutive miscarriages before they would do tests i then had my third pregnancy at 21 which i carried for 6-8 weeks but again started bleeding so was rushed to hospital where they ran loads of tests and put a camera up into my uterus which i was told looked normal but they did discover i had an under active thyroid which she said is linked to miscarriages so i have been on medication for that and will be for life i had the implant put in for 6 months but had it out due to side effects its now been out 4 months and we have been ttc since august. last month i tracked my ovulation and made sure we bd when i got positive ovulation test and i prayed but the dreaded period came and i was gutted i never had a problem with getting pregnant before it was just carrying anyway i tracked my ovulation again this month and it came cd15 compared to cd 22 last month we did bd 2 days before positive ovulation and then again when i got positive and then 2 days later its now 9dpo and ive had a few cramps, mood swings lol very emotional atm haha also ive noticed one nipple is sensitive to the point i cant even touch it but its only one? did a test this morning but was negative hoping for a bfp on sunday when i test again! 


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