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Fertility Unit Referral

hi all,

so me and hubby have been ttc for 3 years with no luck as I have PCOS

Over the last year we have been seeing GP, losing weight, quit smoking and been doing regular day 21 blood tests, hubby has done 2 sperm samples and both came back fine.

end of this month we have GP appointment to have a chat and she's mentioned about referring us to the fertility unit at our local hospital after we've had our appointment with her.

just wondering if anyone can tell us what to expect once we've been referred?

thanks in advance x


  • Hello Jaydee,

     Just wondering if you have started your referral process yet? My husband & I have just been referred after 18mntha ttc & 2 miscarriages. 

    Any advice on what to except would be greatly appreciated. I am still getting through miscarriage no.2, finding it so hard to be positive.

    Thanks x

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