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positive test.. 2 day light bleed then watery pink blood now negative test

hey all iv read so many similar posts but I don't understand a lot of the shot terms.  iv never had to turn to forums in the past with my two previous girls pregnancy...

as it says above a week ago I had a positive test and was over a week late then I bled for 2 days not heavy but bright red no clots then watery pinky brown discharge (same as last months period) 2-3 days then discharge. now today is the day after iv stopped bleeding and discharging iv now re tested and it has came up negative... I'm so upset and confused.

iv had sore boobs and sickie feeling also stomach swelled before this bleed.

I have booked a doc appointment but cant be seen until 5 days time shall I re test later or am I being hopeful for nothing?


  • Sorry to hear what's been happening to you. Did you use the same brand of test ? Sometimes it's only doctors blood tests that can give answers at this stage. My recommendation would be to contact your local EPU and chat with them they may see you sooner X 

  • yeah Ill try getting somewhere sooner. no I used a different cheap test. should I maybe re test in couple of days?


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