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"Cyster" Looking For Advice...

Hey Ladies,

I apologise in advance, that I can imagine lots of people may have noted this before but I haven't really come across the exact same so here goes.

I am 26, was diagnosed with PCOS at 23 after having everything PCOS related. I had experienced the symptoms a multiple of times, each when coming off of the combined pill.

Age 15 is when it all kicked off - doctors thought it was just teenager issues, I had severe acne on my face and back, followed by very irregular periods, mood swings, acid reflux (no idea it was related until I was 23) etc.

Age 18 was the first time since coming off of the pill and I had the same symptoms minus the acne because it wasn't long enough from jumping from one pill to another.

Age 20 I decided to have the implant - ergh! This lasted 6 months. ALL of the same symptoms again so that was a total waste! Back on the pill again. I gained 1.5 stone in that 6 months. Like seriously.

Age 23 I have had enough of the pill, fancy break etc well dear good what a bad move that was! This time the symptoms were back with a vengeance! The pain I experienced in my left side at any time of the month was horrid! Nothing got rid of it and it wasn't period pain, a dull ache in what I know now was my ovary. Acne was back, acid reflux was back (goodbye back teeth), Weight gain was ridiculous, unwanted hair (although made my hair and eyebrows something to be jealous of) and no period for 8 months - yes something I should have spoken about sooner. 

So there I am googling everything, had a check up for blood pressure with the nurse and I mention the lack of period just casually and she is like wow - asks some questions and I just am like well I googled PCOS and I have a feeling it may be that because I get the same symptoms every time I stop taking the pill. Anyways she sends me for a blood test and hey presto - Hormones off the scale, testosterone level is up there - so she sends me for a scan.

Day of the scan was the day after I got engaged - so nothing was going to bring me down - I waited 7 years for that moment! Anyways comes back that it was cyst city in there so sends me back to the doctor. I must admit I saw a Locum doctor who should definitely not be allowed to speak to people about PCOS - she just printed out a leaflet off the internet and handed to me with the knowledge that I may not be able to conceive, I'll need shots in the bum if I do or I should consider having IVF - ahh cheers boo! Just what i wanted to hear. Now at this time, I for one did not want to talk about it and 2. Wasn't ready to have children yet.

Age 26 I am now married, have been for 11 months and we want to try for a baby. (yippee) 

After my life story (think you needed background) mainly I want to ask has anyone had a similar journey and come off the pill to then try straight away? I don't ovulate normally by the sounds of things and I have read a hell of a lot today on Metmorfin and due to book an appointment with the doctor tomorrow in the hope he will give it to me. I know 100% my weight will go back on - soon as I go on the pill it drops off and my acne will come back. I just sort of want to know whether from personal experience I should request this from the doctor or try chlomid?

I am under the NHS so will I have to pay the fee - or will I have to pay the standard amount from the counter which is around £20?

Thanks "Cysters" xxx

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