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Hi All

I'm 31 and we have been trying for 2 years but we have had setbacks, which has affected me! - So last year I had my pap and results come back saying i have cancerous cell which i had surgery for on my cervix to remove cells. I was ranked as a cin3. So not cancerous thank God but I just have 6months checks. So the doc said the surgery shouldnt stop us from having kids and to try again in 3months. So a this year in April we got pregnant happiest day of our lifes. I was only 6 weeks  3 days later I started to bleed, went to the docs to double check and yes we miscarriaged - i was a complete mess. However I still felt I was pregnant. As my body was changing so 5 days later I got another blood test and still bleeding alot I was bleeding for 9 days before I got my results and my hormones levels didn't go down. So i got a referral to go to the hospital as he thought I may need a d&c done. So got to the hositpal waiting to be seen fianlly got seen and waiting waiting for my blood work and what they were going to. The doc said she needs a scan so went to the scan. Lucky the lady saw something in my tube. We found out we had ectopic pregnancy I broke down as they told me it was that big and about to pop, so they couldnt save my right tube. So that was removed. Im so glad they found it and that I'm still here but it still upsets me that this.happened and now I worry that we won't be able to.have babies other tube isnt great.  We have booked in to get a referral from our doc and booked in to a fertility clinic to get answers. Its been hard as I have no one to talk thats been through an ectopic pregnancy and going to a fertility clinic. I just want to know if people fell pregnant afta ectopic and how long it took and what should I expect from this clinic as I'm worried the results won't be good.

Thank you for your time reading this and I.hope to hear from you 😊


  • Hi, sorry to hear of all the trouble and sadness you have suffered. I just read through your post and your story about your  ectopic is almost identical to what happened to my very good friend, she too was lucky to catch it in time and had to have her tube removed.  She was very worried about the impact on her fertility but was told the eggs can travel from the ovary that has no tube round to the other tube. She was obviously still worried but within a couple of months she was pregnant had her little girl and fell pregnant again 3 months after she Arrived. Good luck to you and wishing you a lovely BFP soon X 

  • Thank you so much and thank you for that great news 😊xxx 

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