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4th missed miscarriage

ive just come back from having my 4th missed miscarriage I had my 9 week scan this morning there was no heart beat.  Ive got a 3 year old little boy and I've had 4 miscarriages in the last 12 months this time I had acpuncture and I took a junior aspirin so I was doing all I could now I'm going to hospital Tm for my 2nd dnc! Anyone suffered 4 and gone on to have a baby?!?! 


  • Hi I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this for a fourth time. It's such a cruel thing and coupled with the pregnancy hormones and emotions makes for a really horrible time. I had miscarriages in the past before, between and after my first two children.  Then a mmc a few years ago (discovered around 9 weeks) then went on to have a healthy little boy last November. Try and hang in there,  take time to recover and be kind to yourself xxx

  • Thank u very much xxx 

  • Thank u xxx 

  • Currently going through my second miscarriage and have no children. Summer 123 - have you had any tests I.e blood? I may soon be referred & any info would be a great help, as to what tests I could ask for. I know they normally wait for you to suffer 3 before investigating in the U.K. You mentioned taking aspirin?

  • Hi I had bloods taken and a scan after 3  and all the tests came back normal.  i was recommended to take an aspirin which I did but still miscarried no 4 :( more recently I've looked into a few things..... I've started taking Coq10, (for cell production) magnesium because I had a medical and I'm low and cod liver oil!!! I'm sure u will be lucky soon I know lots of people that have had 2 or 3 i know it's hard try and stay positive good luck x 

  • Thanks so much for your support. Only my husband knows, and although he has been truly amazing, I cant keep off-loading only to him. As you know more than me it's such a tough journey.

    Apart from blood tests for APS (sticky blood) I'm not sure what else is tested. I have heard of success stories of people with APS, but naive as to what struggles the condition has, I'm unsure whether to hope for it (if there's help) or if that's incredibly stupid!

    At times I feel so selfish for wanting a family. As far as I know I am healthy, happily married, have a home & job, I shouldn't want more, but I do...

    I wish you all the luck, please make sure you come back when you have a successful pregnancy to spread hope. X

  • Hey broken14, there is nothing selfish about wanting a baby.  It's a maternal yearning and losing a baby is cruel as it plays with our already crazy emotions. I wish you a positive outcome xx

  • I totally agree far from selfish it's a tough journey but I really think positive thinking helps i wish there was a magic pill for all of us but there's not, however I do feel we all have hope!!! Let's keep all our fingers and toes crossed for each other!! X 

  • I made this fro those of us who have had a miscarriage. I am so sorry for your loss. I think it is so important that we are able to talk about our experiences here and in the wider world.Be warned, if watching this TED at work - it is a bit of a tearjerker!

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