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Advice and support for an older mum

Hi, Im 41 and i have a 21 year old son. i have been trying for a baby for over a year now and am starting to worry that my age is going to stop this happening.Lots of things have changed since my first child and its all getting a bit overwhelming. 

My cycle is 28 days which hasn't changed in the last year. i have been on various contraceptives for the last 18 years including the coil and mini pill. i am slightly over weight but currently losing with slimming world. i have just been to the doctors for a sexual health check and am waiting for the results.  What else should i be doing.... apart from the sex. 


  • Hi I'm an 'older mum's now too at Tue grand old age of 36! 

    My gp was very supportive and just advised the general taking care of yourself , quit smoking and drinking etc...a good pre pregnancy vitamin is advisable, I used the preconceive one.

    The other this is pointing your ovulation. ..your cycle maybe 28 days but that doesn't mean ovulation is when you expect it !  So a couple months with the predictor kits can help or you can monitor your's always been a good indicator for me.

    I had been trying for over a year when I asked hubby for time off - I wanted a break from it all so I stopped everything and ate n drank what I wanted and left off the vitamins.....the next cycle i cought!  So sometimes it's relaxing that does the trick as the pressure we put on ourselves is often counter productive 

    Good luck xx

  • thank you. I will get some ovulation kits l.

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