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I have no idea what's wrong with my body?

for a few years now I have under gone so many tests. my periods are so irregular that I can go up to 6/7 months without one which makes it so hard to concieve and also draining on my body! But can still find nothing wrong 

my last period was 16th September so I am due another one soon (fingers crossed) 

ive been feeling a little under the weather this week. 2 weeks ago I had a short sharp on going pain in my right oviary  I took as maybe I was ovulating?  since then I have become very bloated , I have some period pain been  extremely tired and emotional. I have had stomach cramps which are sometimes so strong it can be upsetting , diarrhoea, loss of appetlite and feeling extremely sick morning and night! Extremely sore boobs and tingling nipples  , hot flushes , runny nose and feeling quite light headed with a strong headache behind my right eye , waking up with a extremely dry mouth and also having a lot more saliva than usual?  I had abit of a cold the other week so not sure if some syptoms are to do with this? could this be a sign of pregnancy? 

i guess i wont know untill I see if I come on ( or not or how long it takes to come on) 😬


  • My first pregnancy symptom was flu/cold, sore throat, runny nose and sore boobs! Fingers crossed for you! 

  • Thanks Claire! me too will keep you updated! so many different symptoms and sometimes their not even related! Don't want to get my hopes up 

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