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Taking the plunge to seeknow help

Hi everyone, I'm new to posting but thought it might help to talk! My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 14months now and not even a sign of anything happening! We've now taken the plunge and started the ball rolling for investigations so hopefully we can find out what's going on! Not really sure of what to expect but we'll see what the future holds! Bit of a pointless post but "Hi" from me!


  • Hello MrsD90.

    Not sure if my post will be of any reassurance, im sure you've been told lots of facts & figures but thought you should know my husband & I took 12 attempts to get pregnant (1 year) and it felt like forever... after the 9th-10th-11th you start to think all sorts. 

    We were worried we would find out if either of us were the issue & although worried we may  be better off not knowing, we had to know Incase something could be done.

    On the day my husband went for a sperm test, I got a BFP!! I couldn't believe it. I was 3 days late (always 27 or 28 days but it was now day 31). We sadly lost the pregnancy, and still dealing with it, but there is more hope now than ever before! 

    Hang on in there... it can take longer than you think, doesn't mean anything is wrong, and if there is so much can be done!

  • Thanks for the reply Broken14 and sorry about your loss!

    Nobody knows we are trying so I'm starting to feel quite alone about it although my husband is great so I really appreciate your response and encouragement!

    As you say we'll hang in there and hope we both get our BFP in the near future!

  • As you say, it can feel so lonely. None of my friends know we are trying, or about the miscarriage as it happened at just 6 weeks.

    My husband has been incredible, so supportive,  but as this involves them too it can help to off load to others. Especially to women who are going through it.

    My advice (sure it won't be anything new) is have sex all the time! as much as possible! You can get so bogged down in ovulation test strips & temperature taking (though may help to see roughly what day you ovulate) - sometimes mine said day 16 of a 28 cycle, other times 18 or 19... I worried when sometimes no ovulation was detected at all (incl. the successful cycle).

    I also had the odd glass of wine when trying, for months I stopped drinking all together but it made no difference. From experience as long as you keep drinking to a minimum (5 or so units shouldn't hurt prior to conception) if it relaxes you, eat well, drink lots of water, exercise regularly & sleep well. Like I said I'm sure you've heard it all before.

    The last cycle before we looked into IVF (the one successful cycle) we relaxed thinking we'd done all we could, I had 2 glasses of wine 2 weeks before unknowing my BFP was a week or so away! Whatever it is that relaxes you, as long as not harmful, do it - massages, early nights, candles around the bath. Treat yourself before it's all about your bump-little one!!

  • Broken14 how are you getting on? My husband has now had the all clear for his sperm so that's one less thing to think about and I have my first appointment with the gynae on Monday so we will see what comes of that!

    My best friend has just announced her pregnancy which I am delighted about but also slightly jealous that it isn't us as they were only trying for a few months!

    Just thought I'd check in and see how you're doing 😊 

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