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Giving up...

So, where do I start?

I met my SO 5 years ago and we started trying for a baby 2 years later. It's been disappointment after disappointment and I think I'm at the stage where I'm about to give up.

I know he desperately wants children and is seemingly very understanding every time we're let down but I see the pain and confusion behind his eyes now.

I've had scans to look at my ovaries (which are perfectly healthy with no signs of PCOS) and he's all okay. I have a regular period every single month and I ovulate at the same time every month.

The only thing the doctors can see is a low level of progesterone which they say they'll address once I am pregnant and that it isn't necessary to address during the TTC period.

I've lost 2 stone, eat healthily, cycle everyday and relax to stay less stressed.


I've recently been too busy due to a promotion at work so I haven't even been thinking about it and obviously we're carried on "doing the deed" (ha) without contraception because we haven't used it for years and don't even think about it...

Over the last week and a half I've been feeling very odd, been having light cramping and have been feeling sick which seems to be getting stronger. I ignored this and put it down to ovulation and being busy at work but I would have already ovulated before this... 

I'm now aware that my body isn't quite right... I'm having a lot of discharge, my breasts feel bigger, have lower back pain and feel bloated as all hell. Oh, and have been having migraines which is always when my hormones peek during AF.

I'm either in denial or I'm overreacting as I have before but I feel like if this isn't it this time then I'm going to throw myself in to work and speak to my SO about possibly parting so he can have the life he actually wants and not the endless frustration.

I have a week before I'm going to do a HPT.


  • Also forgot to mention the tiredness I'm feeling right now... jeez louise... fallen asleep twice on my lunch break at work and feel like I cannot stay awake once I hit the sheets... 

  • one of my friends was trying for years, she was taking vitamins, ovulation tests twice a day, making sure she ate the right things, stopped smoking, drinking etc. Her and her boyfriend did everything by the book! Stopped having hot baths etc and timed everythingright. They both went to the docs and nothing was wrong. 

    She "gave up" trying and came to terms with that it hasn't going to happen then BAM. 

    The following month she was pregnant. She's now 17 weeks! 

    Itll happen when you least expect it! 

     good luck! your symptoms sound promising!!! 


  • Thanks for the reply, Louiseva!

    I'm certain I am more than ever now... I mean I've been deathly tired all day and it's now 4am, I woke two hours ago and feel ready for the day... I'm also starving all the time and then one bite of food makes me want to hurl...

    Just going to wait 7 more days to test so I don't get disheartened with a false negative 

  • Good luck!!! i have everything crossed for you!! xx

  • Don't give up. It took me and my partner 3 years to conceive too. I had just about given up myself, then my period was late. I left it a week before I did a test (I had no other symptoms) as i didn't want to face the disappointment and low and behold it was positive. I cried like a baby and now my beautiful daughter is 3 weeks old xxx

  • Thank you, XxMariexx!

    I made the mistake of testing too early and seeing a negative so I'm going to wait two weeks to test again.

    Really happy you got your beautiful baby girl <3

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