TTC, Clomid, secondary infertility

Hello ladies

I've been ttc for 18 mths now and after a lot of looking after myself being super healthy, 2 x 3 month round of clomid 50mg and more recently 100mg i just wondered if there were any other mums ttc with the help of clomid and had any success? I already have a daughter Holly 2yrs 3 mths (who was conceived after 50mg of clomid) but as i have a particular health issue, a macroprolactinoma my consultant thinks this is the cause even though i am on regular medication it is thought that the tablets i am on make it harder for me to concieve.  I am having acupuncture also just in case it gets to the ivf stage then my body is in its best condition - well as well as it can be.  I've also discovered that evening primrose oil is meant to help too as clomid can dry up cm which is really important, so heres hoping everything im doing will result in a much wanted little bundle of joy.  I sympathise with all of you out there who are ttc and are finding it difficult im at the stage now where i feel desperate, so good luck to you all, i hope we can share some success stories together.  good luck to all x


  • Hello Hun, Im 22, Have A Daughter Who Is Coming Up 3Years 3 Month's & Was Conceive Naturally & Very Quickly, Been LTTTC For Just Over 3 Year's, Petite With PCO. I Was Prescribed Clomiphene 50mg For 2 Cycle's Last Month & Am Due To Start Taking It Around Mid This Month If Still Not BFP. So Not Quite In Same Boat As You But Near Enough. Sorry To Hear You Have Secondary Infertility & Have Been Struggling To Conceive For Some Time Now. Its Hard, Sad & Heart Breaking, But Fx'd You Will Get There Soon. I Would Like To Stay Intouch And See How You Get On. Sending Loads Of Sticky Magic Baby Dust (Which Worked For My Other Forum Buddies lol) x X x

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