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Diagnosed with PCOS about 10 months ago

Well I have 2 beautiful children already... my husband and I wanted to try for #3 in 2014 so I got my birth control removed... I had the nexplanon implant in my arm... I got diagnosed with PCOS about 10 months ago... I had slight spotting, if even considered that a week before my period was supposed to come... I'm not always regular but have been for the past 4 or 5 months for the most part. I'm 4 days late... negative test which i took today..I've been more "aggravated" then normal, I have slight cramping here and there... I found out very early with both my other kids but I also didn't have pcos then.... I don't know whether to think I could of ovulated late... making my period later than. Normal and will get positive  later...

Any suggestions or stories?

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