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Pcos success???

Hi,I'm currently 29 years old. I was diagnosed with pcos about 8 months ago. always had irregular periods longest without a period was 7 months. however was on the pill for about 7 years and been off now for about 2 years. Period was like clockwork while on the pill. Now I have been taking some natural herbal remedies which has given me a 32 day cycle for the last 6 months or so. Happy about that, but have been trying to figure out whether im ovulating. Been charting and taking my basal temp . Am I going in the right direction? i don't want to take pharmaceuticals . I'm worried it's just not that simple 


  • It sounds like you are.  I take daily vitamins (pregnancy ones that also cover preconception) 

    which herbal supplements do you take? 

    Also what do you do try and control your pcos /what are your characteris? 

    I have the syndrome with high testosterone but not the cysts/follicles showing on my ovaries.  I'm currently at the stage of altering my diet to help control my pcos. 

  • the only symptom I ever noticed was irregular periods. Never any pain, i'm quite thin, a few stray hairs on my jawline but nothing major. Had acne as a teen but not anymore. Ultrasound showed ovaries that looked like honeycomb,very much covered in cysts. but it was done longer than 6 months ago so I'm curious to know what may have changed since my period regulated. the doc also did some blood work and stated was androgen levels very high. I'm on something called Estrotox, and testoquench along with a multivitamin. The symptoms I have in between periods would tell me that I am ovulating, but I still it possible to not be relevant asking an egg? Or an immature egg? 

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