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i have pcos, no visible cysts found during scan.  high testosterone levels.  

i have read that the high testosterone level is probably to do with insulin sensitivity and this is probably responsible for the excess hair and I also have skin tags which I've read is a common symptom.   I'm serverely overweight despite careful eating trying to avoid sugary carbs and processed foods - instead eating clean - I just don't seem to be able to get the weight to budge.  

Im currently seeing my local women's health team and having some tests (been trying to conceive 14 months - had 2 chemical pregnancies)

I have another appointment coming soon and I'm tempted to ask for Metformin.  

Does anyone have an advice? 


  • Anyone? 

  • Metformin regulated my periods, but I did have cysts.

    it's not a drug for the faint hearted! Some nasty side effects.

    it didn't work for weight loss, but slimming world did! Try a low GI diet, that works really well for PCOS.

    good luck!

  • Thank you.  imi might have to try slimming world.  ive tried so many different ways of dieting over the years but just dont seem to shift more than a few pounds. 

    its more though that I've read about the high testosterone being linked to insulin sensitivity.  

    My last cycle was over 100 days and I managed to make myself bleed a little by taking Angus cactus.  Currently on cd48 this cycle.  

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