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Help trying to conceive

Hi there ladies I am in desperate need of some help. 

Back in Febuary this year I had a missed miscarriage which I decided to have medically managed. Since then my body has been all over the place. We are trying to conceive but at the moment I am on around a 52 day cycle and bleeding between periods. 

I have had tests done which show I have boarderline PSOC. The doctor didn't seem to say much part from if my body isn't back to normal in a few months then I need to go back. 

I have been doing the opk's and only had 1 month of positives. I am now worried I won't be able to get pregnant. Has anyone out there been successful with problems  like mine? I've been driving myself crazy and it's all I can think about. Luckily I have a very supportive partner but the more time that goes past the harder it becomes. 

thank you in advance Ladies xx 

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