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Neg hot but having pregnancy symptoms

Hello my name is Karlie. Im having some confusion about if I'm pregnant or not. Me and my man use the pull out method, I feel like sometimes we use it maybe a few seconds late.. Last december we discovered we were expecting a little one, but In february I miscarried. My period has been normal ever since then, and was always normal before I was pregnant last year. When I was pregnant I had that gut feeling, and now Im having that feeling again. The last period I had was September 9th, I was supposed to have my period October 6th, and it never came. I had very, very light brown spotting after I went pee for a few days and then it went away. There's no sign of af coming anytime soon. Im having pregnancy symptoms like: morning sickness, dizziness, sore boobs and my nipples are starting to swell, better sense of smell, more trips to the bathroom, over emotional, headaches, and now lots of white discharge (sorry tmi). I sound pregnant right? Why are my tests coming up neg? But I've had 5 negative home pregnancy tests. I did a online calculator to see how far along you are and it guesstimated me to be 7 weeks pregnant. Has anyone very experienced this and ended up getting a positive? We would be so happy if it ended up being positive. Ive read online and some posts says that they've been 3-5 months before they got a positive. Any ideas?

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