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Curious and answers ?

my period was on sept 30th 2016. I usually always get my period every 26 days. My cycle is only ever three days. I tested positive early on 10/21. Now I'm wondering if because I tested early did I conceive early ? My concern for all this is because on the 14th I had unprotected sex with someone new. As well as my boyfriend later that day. now the new guy pulled out and has confirmed he didn't start letting out until after he pulled out however when I drove home and stood up i felt stuff all come out. My boyfriend did go inside of me. I can't remember what other days me and my bf had sex but we do alot some times he goes inside some times he doesn't. Also to top it off my bf don't know yet and I'm scared to tell him because he knows I'm late on period and says he doesn't want anymore kids. We have a 3 year old now. 

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